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cutout of Edwin conducting an orchestra

Educating a different kind of musician

for the world

Our core mission is to transform our students artistically, intellectually, professionally, and individually. Through an entrepreneurial experience, SFCM prepares its graduates for a lifetime of achievement and success in any field.

cutout of Edwin conducting an orchestra
Kevin Rivard Teaches a lesson on horn


World-renowned artists and world-class teachers for a global perspective.

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the horn section plays during a performance


Aspire for beauty. Own the moment.

Degrees and Programs
Brass Bachelor of Music Brass Master of Music Brass Professional Studies Certificate
Instruments and Disciplines
Horn Trombone Trumpet Tuba
Learn more about Brass
a student sits at a desk writing notes on a score


Write the music you dreamed of.

Degrees and Programs
Composition Bachelor of Music Composition Master of Music
Learn more about Composition
edwin outwater conducting during a performance, he is about to give a strong downbeat


Unlimited possibility at the tip of your baton.

Degrees and Programs
Conducting Master of Music Conducting Professional Studies Certificate
Learn more about Conducting
a guitarist plays sitting along the sea wall, with the beach behind him


Six strings of artistry

Degrees and Programs
Bachelor of Music in Guitar Master of Music in Guitar Professional Studies Certificate in Guitar
Learn more about Guitar
 a student playing a historical instrument in the concert hall

Historical Performance

Getting to the root of it all.

Degrees and Programs
Harpsichord Bachelor of Music Harpsichord Master of Music Baroque Violin Master of Music Baroque Viola Master of Music Baroque Cello Master of Music Viola da Gamba Master of Music Baroque Violin Professional Studies Certificate Baroque Viola Professional Studies Certificate Historical Keyboards Professional Studies Certificate Baroque Voice Professional Studies Certificate
Instruments and Disciplines
Baroque Cello Baroque Viola Baroque Violin Baroque Voice Harpsichord Historical Keyboards Historical Plucked Strings Viola da Gamba
Learn more about Historical Performance
a timpani player watches the conductor in a dress rehearsal


Time begins with rhythm.

Degrees and Programs
Percussion Bachelor of Music Percussion Master of Music Percussion Professional Studies Certificate
Learn more about Percussion
a pianist performs a concerto with the orchestra


From black and white to a universe of color.

Degrees and Programs
Keyboard Bachelor of Music Keyboard Master of Music Keyboard Professional Studies Certificate Piano Artist Diploma
Instruments and Disciplines
Collaborative Piano Organ Piano
Learn more about Keyboard
string quartet stands and laughs in a park with the golden gate in the background


Play with fire.

Degrees and Programs
Strings Bachelor of Music Strings Master of Music Strings Professional Studies Certificate
Instruments and Disciplines
Cello Double Bass Harp Viola Violin
Learn more about Strings
a student in studio A

Technology and Applied Composition

A versatile, hands-on program to compose, design, and engineer.

Degrees and Programs
TAC Bachelor of Music TAC Master of Music TAC Professional Studies Certificate
Learn more about Technology and Applied Composition
the woodwind section during a performance


Where excellence meets artistry

Degrees and Programs
Woodwinds Bachelor of Music Woodwinds Master of Music Woodwinds Professional Studies Certificate
Instruments and Disciplines
Bassoon Clarinet Flute Oboe
Learn more about Woodwinds
voice workshop in osher salon

Voice / Opera Studies

Your voice, inspired by the best.

Degrees and Programs
Bachelor of Music in Voice Master of Music in Voice Professional Studies Certificate in Voice Artist Diploma in Opera Studies in Voice
Instruments and Disciplines
Opera and Musical Theatre
Learn more about Voice / Opera Studies
orchetsra with a chorus

Ensembles at SFCM

Our performance programs give you ample room to challenge yourself and experience playing different styles of music in a variety of settings and groups. Whether you’re looking to add your voice to a brass choir, play first oboe in the Conservatory Orchestra, or try your hand at Baroque music, there’s a place for you.

an oboist and a violinist perform a concerto together for a winter term project

Winter Term

Winter Term is a unique once-a-year time for students to immerse themselves in subjects beyond the standard curriculum. Learn something new, or diversify your skillset.

Sierra McCarthy Sony Project SFCM

Our Silicon Valley Neighbors

Our Silicon Valley neighbors—Sony, Dolby, Google, and Apple—are frequent partners and collaborators, with students working side-by-side on projects with professionals working today. 

SFCM Student in class

Concentrations for the modern economy

SFCM' offers Bachelor of Music Concentrations in Arts Leadership, Teaching, and Technology. These optional concentrations prepare the modern musician to do everything from manage music contacts, entertainment law, run a recording session, and even plan a music festival.


Get the inside scoop on everything going on at SFCM with stories of SFCM's students, alumni, faculty and leadership.

Mission & Vision

We are committed to providing an extraordinary education that prepares our graduates to pursue fully engaged lives as citizens of the world.

Life on Campus

Learn about safe and secure, all-suite on-campus housing, where 24/7 practice rooms are just the beginning.


SFCM leads an alliance across the music industry consisting of artist management companies Opus 3 Artists and Askonas Holt and recording label Pentatone. Together, their work creates opportunities for students, artists, presenters, and audiences to develop and experience new ideas.

Financial Aid and Affordability

At SFCM, we understand that college is a substantial investment. We're here to help, and we're committed to working with you to achieve the education you desire. 99% of our students receive financial aid at an average rate of 57% tuition discount.


SFCM was founded in 1917 by two pioneering women who would change the world of music education forever, Ada Clement and Lilian Hodgehead.