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International Students

International Students

cellist holds her cello like a guitar with the painted ladies in the background

Students from dozens of countries converge here to study music at the highest level. They help make SFCM a hub of creativity and excellence enriched by a wealth of different perspectives and experiences. If you’ll be joining us from outside the U.S., we want your path here to be as simple as possible. Here’s some information that will smooth your transition to life at the Conservatory.

International Students Forms


To be completed by International Students whose bank statement is not in the student's name.

To be completed by all International Students who require an I-20.

Student Visas and Documentation

Official requirements and procedures for international students can seem daunting, but learning the basics doesn’t take long. Here’s a brief guide to the most important things to know. Student Visas and I-20s What is an I-20? Form I-20 is a United States Department of Homeland Security document

Resources for International Students

International students coming to the U.S. sometimes feel like they have a whole lot to learn before they even take their first course. Some basic information and resources can go a long way. Information, Resources, and Terminology Requesting a Letter for Visitors' Visas To request a letter from the

Financial Aid and Affordability

At SFCM, we understand that college is a substantial investment. We're here to help, and we're committed to working with you to achieve the education you desire. 99% of our students receive financial aid at an average rate of 57% tuition discount.


在旧金山音乐学院,学生们学习着在每一次努力中寻求成就感,将挑战转变为机会,去理解优秀的本质,有活力且果断地追寻他们的梦想。这是一个决心能茁壮成长并触手可及的地方。 强大的教师阵容,众多的演出机会;在这里你能够提高音乐上的技巧与才能,经多见广,为你未来的成功打下基础。


1917년에 설립된 San Francisco Conservatory of Music은 국내 35개 주와 31개 국에서 온 420여명의 음대 학생들이 재학하고 있는 대표적인 음대입니다. 본 대학은 훌륭한 교수진을 확보하고 있고 우수한 학생들을 수용하고 있는 미국 음악교육의 명실상부한 최고의 전당입니다.

Student Academic Enrichment Center

The SAEC offers resources and a space to work either one-on-one or in groups with an experienced educator in various subject areas. We’re here to work with you to become an active and collaborative learner to prepare you for new challenges and thrive in the pursuit of your career.

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