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Vocal Music
Songs with
Songs, English; Songs, Italian; etc.
Songs high voice
Songs medium voice
Songs low voice
Church music
Sacred vocal music
Synagogue music

Secular Vocal Music:

M1500 - M1508Dramatic music: opera, musicals, etc.
M1500Dramatic music with original accompaniment
M1503Dramatic music - piano/vocal scores
M1528 - M1529.5Duets, Trios, etc.
M1530 - M1546.5Choruses with orchestra or other ensemble
M1547 - M1600Choruses, part-songs with acc. of keyboard or other solo instrument or unaccompanied
M1611 - M1626Songs for one voice

Sacred Vocal Music:

M2000 - M2007Oratorios
M2010 - M2014Masses; requiems
M2018-M2019.5Duets, trios, etc.
M2020 - M2036Cantatas, choruses, etc. with orchestra or other ensemble
M2060-M2101.5Choruses, part-songs, etc. with accompaniment of keyboard or other solo instrument or unaccompanied
M2101-M2114.8Songs for one voice
M2115 - M2146Hymnals
M2147 - M2188Liturgy and ritual
M2147 - M2155.6Roman Catholic
M2161 - M2183Protestant
M2186 - M2187Jewish
M2188Other non-Christian religions

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WEB SITES The Aria Database Collection of information about more than 1,000 operatic arias. The database includes translations and aria texts of most arias as well as a collection of MIDI files of operatic arias and ensembles.
ChoralNet Sponsored by the International Federation for Choral Music, this is an excellent site for web research. There are links to choral position openings, auditions, conferences and festivals, managers, performance information. Also includes listings of composers and choral repertoire.
DaringDiva.com An indexed catalog of contemporary art songs for all voice types, a bibliography of useful books, web links, and a newsletter.
The Lied and Song Text Page This useful site has complete texts for many works and English translations for most of the standard art song repertoire.
The Metropolitan Opera The home page for the Metropolitan Opera.
National Association of Teachers of Singing The home page for NATS has information about the organization, workshops, conventions, publications and some links to music sites.
New York City Opera Company Home page for the New York City Opera includes synopses of current productions, information on composers, links to other interesting sites on opera and the performing arts, and performance schedules.
Opera America A useful site for singers pursuing a career in opera. This site includes performance schedules; conference, competitions, and fellowship information; advocacy programs; etc.
Operabase Operabase provides monthly performance data on 500 international opera houses. Also included are full text reviews and broadcast schedules. The database is available in six languages.
OperaGlass Excellent all-purpose site. Many links to opera pages with information about composers, librettists, operas, opera companies, people, reviews, and schedules.
San Francisco Opera San Francisco Opera web site.
Schubertline Online score service for singers.
T.I.S. Music Catalog Online catalog of this vocal music vendor.