Student Advisory Committee

The Student Advisory Committee (SAC) serves as the voice of the student body and liaison to the faculty and the administration. Members are elected on an annual basis and include representatives from each department and one representative who is an international student. The SAC meets regularly with the Associate Dean for Student Life, communicates student concerns to the administration, and responds to issues raised by the administration. The committee also meets occasionally with the Faculty Executive Committee and the Academic Affairs Committee. Students are encouraged to bring their concerns to their elected representatives. A list of members is posted on the bulletin boards. Students can also leave notes for their representatives in their representative's student mailboxes.

Student Advisory Committee Members, 2014-2015

First Year Undergraduate Student or Transfer Representative (1)

  • To be elected in Fall 2014

First Year Graduate Student or Transfer Representative (1)

  • To be elected in Fall 2014

International Student Representatives (2)

  • Mario Rojas
  • Pei-Ling Wu

Composition/Conducting Representative (1)

  • Emma Logan

Guitar (1)

  • To be elected Fall 2014

Keyboard Representatives (2)

  • Elizabeth Yao
  • Eric Tran

String Representatives (2)

  • Helen Newby
  • Mia Nardi-Huffman

Voice Representatives (2)

  • Daniel Cameron
  • Mariya Kaganskaya

Brass Representative (1)

  • To be elected Fall 2014

Woodwinds Representative (1)

  • Bethanne Walker

Harp/Percussion Representative (1)

  • To be elected Fall 2014