Fellowship and Scholarship Opportunities

The San Francisco Conservatory of Music encourages and supports students interested in seeking scholarship opportunities for career development and project pursuits. The following is a collection of information pertaining to some of the most well-known scholarships and fellowships; it includes links to application materials and a general application timeline. 

The Fulbright Program

The Fulbright Program is an international educational exchange program sponsored by the U.S. government and is designed to increase cross-cultural understanding. The Fulbright Program annually awards approximately 8,000 new grants to individuals who then travel to 155 countries worldwide to pursue their projects. Note especially the sections regarding your chances for success in a particular country (i.e. number of applications vs. the number of grants awarded) and information about the projects of previous grantees. For more information visit http://us.fulbrightonline.org/

The Application Process

The Fulbright application is a labor intensive one. All interested applicants are encouraged to contemplate their goals, future plans, and tentative projects very carefully before committing to the Fulbright application. Typically the components of the Fulbright application will include:
  1. A Description of the Proposed Study or Project. This is your chance to justify and explain the reasons for your project (Why are you doing this? How will this help your career?) as well as all of the logistics (Will I be accepted at this university? Has a teacher agreed to take me as a student? How will I pick up the language, if I don't know it yet? etc.).  It is vital to be as specific as possible; the more thought and research you dedicate to your project, the more articulate you can be in this proposal.
  2. Personal Statement. You must submit a personal statement, or a narrative describing yourself. Please note that this should not reiterate your proposal and to avoid clichés. Take time to think of how you will write this.
  3. An audition recording (optional). If your project proposal incorporates music or performance, you should think about submitting an audition recording. Check the requirements early and arrange a session with Recording Services at http://recording.notes.sfcm.edu/
  4. Letters of recommendation. You will need three (3) letters of recommendation in addition to the language evaluation.
Fulbright applications typically open approximately 15 months before the anticipated start date and have a due date of 11 months before the start date. For example, applications will open in May and are due in October for a start date of the following summer or fall. Please consult the time guideline at the bottom of this webpage.
NOTE: The SFCM campus deadline for Fulbright applications is TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2014. Contact Ryan Brown (rbrown@sfcm.edu; 415-503-6309), Director of Professional Development, with questions. 

Interested in Applying?

In order to allow for adequate time to thoroughly and thoughtfully complete scholarship applications, we require all interested students to announce their interest in scholarships early in order to allow for application preparation and advisor correspondence over the summer. The Office of Professional Development may not be able to assist you if you do not meet the deadlines below.
We strongly suggest using the following time table as a rough guideline:
  • Spring Commencement: You must announce your interest applying for a fall scholarship to the Director of Professional Development before the school breaks for summer.
  • Over Summer Break: Draft personal statement and proposal; obtain letter of affiliation from host country if appropriate.
  • Before the Beginning of the Academic Year: Register online, order transcripts, secure necessary letters of invitation, fill out the informational forms, draft a proposal and narrative CV, meet with the Director of Professional Development to review drafts, identify recommenders, and arrange recording sessions, if necessary.
  • Mid-September – Campus deadline for Fulbright application submission to Director of Professional Development. This year's deadline is TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2014.
  • Early Fall – Application is reviewed by Faculty Executive Committee. 
  • Mid to Late Fall – Application completion and submission.
Be sure to periodically check-in with the scholarship foundation you are applying with to make sure you know the correct deadline dates. Completed applications are typically due mid to late fall.

Additional Scholarship Opportunities

Rhodes Scholarship

The Rhodes scholarship awards students from around the world with the opportunity to complete post-graduate studies at the University of Oxford, in the United Kingdom. For more information visit www.rhodesscholar.org.

Marshall Scholarship

The Marshall Scholarship is awarded to American students to pursue post-graduate studies at any prestigious institution (Oxford, Cambridge, etc.) in the United Kingdom. For more information and eligibility rules, visit http://www.marshallscholarship.org