Required Materials for Admission


The application is found here.The application deadline for fall enrollment is December 1. The application deadline for spring enrollment is November 1.

Application Fee

There is a non-refundable application fee required with the application. Applicants must pay this fee by major credit card as the final step of submitting their application. 

Application fees are as follows:

  • Fee for all applications submitted on or before the application deadline: $110
  • Fee for all graduates and/or current students of SFCM: $50
  • Fee for all graduates and/or current students of the Pre-College or Adult Extension divisions:  $50
  • Fee for all late applications: additional $50


All applicants are required to submit two letters of recommendation from music instructors, preferably to include the applicant's private music teacher.  Recommendations will be submitted electronically with your application.  

The applicant will provide the names and email addresses for two music teachers when completing the application.  An email with detailed instructions for completing the recommendation will be sent to the music teacher as soon as the application is submitted. We strongly advise the recommendation be submitted electronically; however, if it is not possible, a music teacher may email a letter of recommendation to  Recommendations should be received by January 1st. 


Undergraduate applicants should submit transcripts from all high schools attended. Undergraduate transfer applicants should submit all high school and college transcripts. Graduate and postgraduate applicants should submit all college transcripts.  Please upload copies of your official transcripts to your online application before January 1st.  If they are available to upload with your application before December 1st, please upload them.  If the transcripts are not available until after your application has been submitted, please send the transcripts with your name and degree to  They will add the transcripts to your application record.  If you are admitted and decide to attend, you will be responsible for submitting an original copy of your final transcripts to the SFCM Office of Admission.

Home-Schooled Applicants

We welcome applications from home-schooled students.  Home-schooled applicants must submit either an official transcript issued by an accredited institution or the diploma from the GED or CHSPE.  In addtion, home-schooled applicants should submit the SAT or ACT.

Transcripts from International Applicants

International students must also provide notarized translations of their transcripts if the originals are not issued in English. The Office of Admission may require that international transcripts be evaluated by an organization specializing in foreign credential evaluation, such as World Education Services or Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc.

ACT/SAT Scores

Home-schooled applicants are required to submit official SAT or ACT scores to support their transcripts. The Conservatory's school code for the ACT is 0403; the code for the SAT is 4744. We will accept scores as official if they are listed on the student's official school transcript. All other applicants are not required to submit SAT or ACT scores.  


All applicants must perform an audition for admission to the Conservatory.