Professional Studies Diploma in Instrumental Performance

The Professional Studies Diploma is a one-year non-degree program designed to provide focused studies for young artists in the pre-professional stages of their careers. It is intended for students who wish to study on an advanced level and to assist them in preparing for major competitions, auditions and performance careers by emphasizing individual instruction and performance opportunities.  With the exception of private lessons, the curriculum is designed by the student in consultation with his/her major teacher, in accordance with the student's specific career goals. This affords time for intense personal study and the freedom to choose electives, ensembles and independent study projects directly related to professional goals.
Students who major in either performance or composition typically receive weekly lessons. Private instruction must be taken with a member of the Conservatory Collegiate faculty.


Semester Credits

Keyboard Instruments and Guitar

Ensemble or Independent Study1



Private Instruction PVL 600









1. Candidates for the Professional Studies Diploma may fulfill the ensemble or independent study requirement with courses numbered IND 500, ENS 200–599 and PRF 510R. Students majoring in orchestral instruments must enroll in Conservatory Orchestra each semester.
2 . Courses numbered GED 202–590, MMT 202–799 and courses in the APP, ENS, IND and MHL series not used to fulfill core curriculum or major field requirements may be used to fulfill the requirements for the elective credits listed for individual major.


Recitals and Juries

Students are required to complete one jury as well as any midterm evaluations required by their individual departments.  Jury requirements are determined by department in accordance with the student's specific career plans. A recital is required in all departments except for brass and percussion.