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Master of Music in Collaborative Piano


Semester Credits

Collaborative Music for Instruments and Piano ENS 311R


Collaborative Music for Voice and Piano ENS 312R


Music History (MMT 702, MHL 600–799)1


Career and Professional Development


Musicianship and Music Theory (MMT 602, MMT 604)2


Piano Forum PRF 352


Private Instruction PVL 600






1. See the Graduate Music History Curriculum section under the Graduate Curriculum Outline for more details.
2. Credits earned from MMT 602 or MMT 604 will not count toward the overall credits required to graduate. Exemption tests are given for MMT 602 and 604. Successful completion of these examinations will result in exemption from the class, but without earning credits.
3. Courses numbered GED 202–590, MMT 202–799 and courses in the APP, ENS, IND and MHL series not used to fulfill core curriculum or major field requirements may be used to fulfill the requirements for the elective credits listed for individual majors.

The following courses should be taken to fulfill elective requirements, if not taken previously:

ENS 402 (Chamber Music), MHL 302/303 (Vocal Literature), APP 210 (Basic Phonetics), 211–213 (Lyric Diction), ENS 210 (Conservatory Baroque) and ENS 220 (New Music Ensemble).

Recitals and Juries

Two juries and two recitals, one consisting of vocal music, the second consisting of instrumental works. Appropriate solo works will also be required on juries.