Music to Go! - Paid performance opportunities

The Community Service/Music to Go! Program provides students experience performing for a variety of Bay Area audiences. One of the goals of the Community Service Program is to bring music to people who cannot normally attend concerts. Students perform at places such as hospitals, rest homes and nursery schools. The Music to Go! Program coordinates performances by Conservatory students at special events such as weddings and parties.  Students receive credit for Community Service and compensation for Music to Go.
In order to become a participant, students must pass an audition and register for the Community Service class.   Students accepted into the Community Service class, are automatically accepted into the Music to Go! Program as well and are eligible for paid gigs.  Those accepted will be required to complete four community service visits each semester for one credit on a pass/fail basis.  Attendance at seminars featuring guest outreach educators is required.  Accepted students will receive more information regarding Community Service scheduling and Music to Go! compensation.
Audition Requirements:  Auditions will be held Aug. 18-25, 2015.  Sign-ups for auditions will be at the beginning of orientation week on the 4th floor.  Students should prepare any solo of choice or two contrasting solos.  Sight-reading may be required for instrumentalists.  If a style other than classical is available (jazz, Latin, musical theater, pop/rock, fiddling, singing pianist, singing guitarist, other) please prepare one of your selections in this style as well.  We are also interested in anyone who plays the saxophone, accordion, sitar, bagpipes, or any other alternative instrument.   The audition is NOT open to freshman, sophomores, classical-only double bass players, classical-only percussionists, and harpists/bassists/percussionists who do not have access to a car.
The Music to Go! office is also an excellent resource for other employment.  Listings for teaching and performing jobs are regularly posted and forwarded by email to members of the Community Service/Music to Go! Program.
If you have any questions, please contact:
Elisabeth Lowry, Director of Community Engagement
Library Room 622, Professional Development and Engagement Center
Tel:  (415) 503-6258