Harpsichord Jury Requirements
Freshman Jury
1. A work of the English Virginal School
2. A work of Frescobaldi
3. A suite of Chambonnieres or Louis Couperin
4. A Bach French suite or selected sinfonias
Sophomore Jury
1. A work of the English Virginal School
2. A toccata and suite of Froberger
3. A suite of D’Anglebert
4. Two preludes and fugues from Book 1 of the Well-Tempered Clavier
Junior Jury
1. An ordre of Francois Couperin
2. An English suite or partita of Bach
Senior Jury
1. A suite of Rameau
2. One of the following major works of Bach: Italian Concerto,
Overture in B Minor, Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue
Historical Performance Emphasis for Keyboard

Emphasis course requirements:
ENS 210 Conservatory Baroque Ensemble (2 semesters, 4 credits)
ENS 212 Continuo Playing (1 semester, 2 credits): Not required if student can demonstrate prior experience
MHL 400 Introduction to Performance Practice (1 semester, 3 credits)
PRF 348 Historical Plucked Strings (2 semesters, 4 credits)
HPE Jury: Jury requirements as determined by HPE faculty (HPE Jury is in addition to major instrument jury)
Total credits for emphasis: 11-13
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