Master of Music

The Master of Music degree is offered in chamber music, guitar, composition, conducting, keyboard instruments, orchestral instruments, piano accompanying and voice. The Conservatory also offers the Artist Certificate in Chamber Music, the Postgraduate Diploma in Vocal Performance and the Professional Studies Diploma in Instrumental Performance.
Two years of residence are required for master's degree candidates.  An accelerated schedule requires approval of the academic advisor, the major professor and the Academic Affairs Committee. Students in need of review study may be required to extend their programs beyond two years. A maximum of three years is allowed between the time of entrance and completion of the Master of Music degree.  Students who major in either performance or composition typically receive weekly 50-minute lessons. Students are allowed 14 lessons in the fall semester and 15 lessons in the spring semester. Private
instruction must be taken with a member of the Conservatory collegiate faculty.
Recitals and Juries
At the conclusion of each academic year, students will be required to perform before faculty jurors. Students who enter in January will play their jury examinations in December of that calendar year.
These examinations determine whether the student has satisfactorily completed yearly requirements in the major instrument and influence continuing eligibility for scholarship assistance.  Jury examination and recital requirements vary according to the major field. No required recitals or juries can be given unless the student is registered for PVL 600R at the time of the recital or jury. No required recitals or juries can be given outside of the regular collegiate sessions. Exceptions to this policy are only given in extreme cases. Students must petition the Academic Affairs Committee to request such an exception.
Ensemble Participation  
Students must participate in ensembles to which they are assigned.  All brass majors are also required to participate in Brass Choir every semester.