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Master of Music in Conducting


Semester Credits

Ensemble (ENS 200-599)


Music History (MHL 600–799)1


Career and Professional Development


Advanced Musicianship MMT 202/203


Musicianship and Music Theory
(MMT 602, MMT 604)2


Topics in Musical Analysis MMT 702


Private Instruction PVL 600






1. See the Graduate Music History Curriculum section under the Graduate Curriculum Outline for more details.
2 . Credits earned from MMT 602 or MMT 604 will not count toward the overall credits required to graduate. Exemption tests are given for MMT 602 and 604. Successful completion of these examinations will result in exemption from the class, but without earning credits.
3 . Courses numbered GED 202–590, MMT 202–799 and courses in the APP, ENS, IND and MHL series not used to fulfill core curriculum or major field requirements may be used to fulfill the requirements for the elective credits listed for individual majors.

Recitals and Juries

Two graduate juries are required to determine fulfillment of performance requirements; two graduate recitals are required. Repertoire guidelines for juries are in the Guitar Department Manual, which is available from the Office of Admission and on the web site. Graduate students must perform a major concerto on a jury and on one of the graduate recitals, a department recital or some other venue. The first graduate recital must include music from three different musical periods. Program notes are required for juries.