Repertoire Requirements for Composition Majors
Freshman and Sophomore Years
Students enrolled in PVL 110R (The Composer at the Keyboard) must take a keyboard jury at the end of the spring semester.  Compositions that best demonstrate the abilities of the performer, to be determined by the teacher, are required together with improvisations as requested by the jury.  At the end of the sophomore year, each student’s record will undergo a formal review by the department. Standing in place of a jury recital, this review will take into account the student’s academic performance, especially progress in composition classes and lessons, as well as the student’s participation in and attendance at school and department activities. The results of this review will determine whether the student will be allowed to advance to junior standing.
Junior Year
Study at least two works and perform them.
Senior Year
Present either one full recital of at least 40 minutes in the final semester of work or two half-recitals within the last two semesters of work.  In both years, works performed must have been completed during the time the composer was a student at the Conservatory. Presentations must be performed by or prepared under the direction of the composer.  The works presented during the last two years of study should include at least three of the following:
1. Work for one to four instruments, not including voice
2. Work for five to 25 instruments, not including voice
3. Work for any number of instruments and/or any number of voices
4. Work using electronic devices (either exclusively or in combination with acoustic instruments)   
5. Soundtrack not less than five minutes in length using electronic sounds or instruments for film or video and created using Conservatory facilities.
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