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SUBJECT HEADINGS in Wolfi for music
*Horn, Trombone, or Tuba may be used instead of "trumpet" in the headings

(For chamber music with keyboard see the Keyboard Music Guide)

Trumpet* music
Sonatas Trumpet
Trumpet and
Trumpet music (Trumpets( 2))
Brass trios; Wind trios; Trios
Brass quartets; Wind quartets; Quartets
Brass quintets; Wind quintets; Quintets
[similarly, Sextets, Septets, Octets, Nonets] Concertos (Trumpet)
Concertos (Trumpet) -- solo with piano

SUBJECT HEADINGS for books Band music
Brass band
Brass instruments
Horn (musical instrument)

*For Sextets, Septets, Octets, Nonets use same formulae as Quartets and Quintets, i.e. M787 - M789 are Brass septets.

M80 - M84French horn solo
M85 - M89Trumpet solo
M90 - M94Trombone solo
M95 - M99Tuba solo
M110Other [baritone, fluegelhorn, etc.]
M255 - M259French horn and piano
M260 - M261Trumpet and piano
M262 - M263Trombone and piano
M264 - M265Tuba and piano
M270 - M271Other wind instruments and piano
M288 - M289Two wind instruments
M315 - M319Two wind instruments and piano
M355 - M359Wind trios
M415 - M419Three wind instruments and piano
M487 - M489Brass quartets
M515 - M519Four wind instruments and piano
M587 - M589Brass quintets

 Orchestra acc.String orchestra acc.
French hornM1028-M1029M1128-M1129
Tuba & other instr.M1034-M1035M1134-M1135

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PERIODICALS Brass Bulletin
Brass Quarterly
Chamber Music America
Horn Call
International Musician
ITA Journal
ITG Journal
Medical Problems of Performing Artists
Online Trombone Journal

(http://www.trombone.org/) Overseas Musician
Performance Practice Review
TPO: Trumpet Player Online


WEBSITES British Horn Society
Includes news, events, and links to French horn and classical music sites on the web.
Historic Brass Society
Historical Brass Society's homepage listing events, publications, and related resources.
International Horn Society
A site "dedicated to the performance, teaching, composition, research, preservation, and promotion of the horn as a musical instrument."
International Trumpet Guild
Includes news, competitions and contests, concert lists, employment opportunities, an index of ITG Journals, and online links.
International Trombone Association
The ITA site has information about the organization, its festivals, awards, and scholarships.
Robert King Music Sales
Robert King Music carries brass music for hundreds of publishers worldwide. Site includes The Brass Players Guide, a searchable online database of more than 28,000 titles from which you can order music.
TUBA (Tubists Universal Brotherhood)
Tuba-related information including links to other tuba sites.