Auditions: What to Expect

On the day of your audition:

  • Arrive at 50 Oak St, receive a visitor's pass from security.
  • Check in at the Admissions table on the cafe level.
  • Be sure to find out about the information session and tours that will be going on throughout the audition day when you check in.  You can expect to spend most of your day at SFCM.
  • Warm up in your designated warm up room.
  • Arrive 15 minutes before your audition time at the designated performance hall (there will be a small warm up room there).

If your repertoire list has changed since you submitted your application, please have an updated version on-hand to give to the jury in your audition.

During your audition:

  • The audition panel will likely say a few words of welcome to you, and they will allow you to choose the first piece that you perform.
  • After your first selection, the panel will then choose the additional material that they would like to hear.
  • The panel may stop you in the middle of one of your selections due to time restrictions.  Please do not be concerned if you do not have the opportunity to perform all of your pieces from beginning to end.

After your audition:

  • You're done - Congratulations!
  • Should you want to take a tour of the building, please contact the Office of Admission prior to your arrival or speak to one of the greeters at the check-in table.
  • Be sure to check your handout for information session times and meetings with current students.
  • Take time to explore the area around the conservatory (ie: Hayes Street) and enjoy the city.

You will be notified of admission by March 15 if you are a graduate student or by April 1 if you are an undergraduate student.

The days before and after your audition:

  • Feel free to sit in on classes and rehearsals while you are here in San Francisco.  Information regarding classes to visit can be found here, and the Fall 2015 course schedule lists the class schedule for each of them.
  • Check our performance calender to see if there are any SFCM concerts or recitals you would like to see.
  • Depending on their availability, most teachers are willing to give you a consultative lesson before or after your audition. Contact them in advance to schedule a lesson time while you're in San Francisco.  You can find their contact information in their bios here, or e-mail
  • Get out and explore beautiful San Francisco!  Click here for a list of interesting local attractions.