Many students plan their move to the Bay Area in early summer. Some students visit San Francisco well in advance (June - early August) to find suitable housing before the semester begins. As the current rental market has become extremely competitive, students are encouraged to begin the housing search process early.

Students unable to solidify their housing before Orientation often make a reservation at a hotel, youth hostel, or residence club before their arrival. It is recommended that students not search for housing during Orientation placement exams and auditions. Please allow a minimum of three to four weeks to locate permanent housing. Hostels are usually the cheapest alternative, averaging $23 to $30 per night. Several hotels and residence clubs in the city provide weekly and monthly rates.

Online Housing Board

In order to distribute timely and important housing information, the Conservatory has created an online SFCM-Housing community through Google Groups. This interactive community provides a forum for Conservatory students to discuss housing needs, trends and opportunities. Access is restricted to current or incoming students, faculty, and staff. New students: Please place a note about who you are when requesting access to the group.

Tips for Finding Housing

  1. Subscribe to the SFCM-Housing Google Group if you are a current or newly admitted student.
  2. Find a roommate! The SFCM-Housing Google Group also contains postings for students looking to live with fellow Conservatory students. Once you are a member of the online housing group, you can post your own roommate listing.
  3. Walk around the neighborhoods that interest you. Bring pen and paper to record addresses and telephone numbers from "For Rent" signs displayed in windows. Many landlords advertise their vacant apartments by placing a sign in the available apartment, as it is often more effective than a newspaper listing.
  4. Utilize the Internet! Many students find apartments through Craigslist. While in Craigslist, search under apartments/housing, rooms/shared, and sublets/temporary for more opportunities.Please be sure to review the Craigslist information on "Avoiding Scams and Fraud."  There are, of course, many other online options out there to assist you in your housing search (and, no, we aren't making this a page of links to those services, so if you are from one of those companies don't bother asking for a link here).  No matter what service you use, the most important thing is to look early in the summer!

Housing Disclaimer

The Conservatory assumes no responsibility for accommodations, services, injuries, loss or damage that occur on any properties suggested by Conservatory and its employees or found through listings on the SFCM-Housing Google Group, housing referral board or suggested housing web sites, newspapers or bulletin boards. Students and landlords alike are urged to thoroughly investigate any housing, rental or roommate options.