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Share Your Memories

The Share Your Memories project invites Conservatory alumni to answer some simple questions about their time and experiences at the Conservatory, and to send two photographs (one of themselves when they were students here, and one of themselves now). Memories and images will be collected for the Conservatory's upcoming Centennial celebration and will be preserved in the Conservatory Archives as its own collection. Fields with an asterisk (*) are required.

About You

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Memories from the Conservatory

Please take a moment to consider the questions below. You may write as much, or as little, as is comfortable. You are not rquired to answer every question in order to submit your responses.

Advice to Future Students

We want your photos!

If you can, please send us two photographs: one of yourself from your time at the Conservatory and one of yourself now. If you have more photographs from your time at the Conservatory, we would love to have them. You may donate an original photograph, but keep in mind that original photographs will not be returned.

Please include a date and a brief description (e.g., names of individuals, location and context) with each photograph. Only send photographs to which you own the rights, as photographs will be made accessible through the Archives and may be used in various promotional materials and publications. Copyright will be transferred to the Conservatory upon submission.

If possible, the resolution should be 300 dpi or better.

Please send your photos to memories@notes.sfcm.edu

I agree to transfer all rights, title, and interest in both my written and photographic submissions for the “Share Your Memories” project to the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, including literary rights and copyright. My submissions may be used in any way the Conservatory chooses, in any electronic or published format, at any time now or in the future in connection with the Conservatory and its not-for-profit educational mission.

Alumni release the Conservatory, its assignees, licensees, and successors from any and all claims, losses, or liabilities arising from or relating to use of the Media and/or Artist’s name, voice, photograph, or likeness, consistent with Conservatory policies.

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