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SUBJECT HEADINGS in Wolfi for music
Lute, Harp, and other plucked instruments may be used instead of Guitar in the headings below

Concertos guitar
Concertos guitar solo with piano
Sonatas guitar
Guitar and clarinet music (clarinet used as example - use desired instrument)
Guitar music
Guitar music guitars 2
Guitar with orchestra (orchestra used as example - use jazz ensemble, etc.)
Plectral ensembles
Trios guitar
Quartets guitar
Quintets guitar [similarly for Quintets, Sextets, Septets, Octets, Nonets]
(For chamber music with keyboard see the Keyboard Music Guide


CALL NUMBERS for music  

M115 - M119Harp solo
M125 - M129Guitar solo
M140 - M142Lute solo
M272 - M273Harp and piano
M276 - M277Guitar and piano
M282 - M283Piano and one other plectral instrument
M325 - M386Trios which may include one or more plectral instrument
M325 - M329Two plectral instruments and piano
M365 - M386Trios of three plectral instruments
M425 - M429Three plucked instruments and piano
M465 - M469Quartets of four plectral instruments
M525 - M529Four plectral instruments and piano
M565 - M569Quintets of five plectral instruments

[For Sextets, Septets, Octets, Nonets use same formulae as Quartets and Quintets, e.g. M769 is music for Seven plucked instruments.]

M1036 - M1037Concertos for harp (orchestra acc.)
M1037.4Concertos for other plectral instruments (orchestra acc.)
M1136 - M1137Concertos for harp (string orch. acc.)
M1137.4Concertos for other plectral instruments (string orch. acc.)

CALL NUMBERS for books  

[REF] ML128 .G968Bibliographies - Guitar
[REF] ML128.H198Bibliographies - Harp
[REF] ML128 .L9Bibliographies - Lute

Selected SFCM Library resources
Bone, Philip James. The guitar and mandolin: biographies of celebrated players and composers. 2nd ed. with new preface. London: Schott & Co., 1972. ML399 .G96b

Coelho, Victor. The manuscript sources of seventeenth-century Italian lute music. New York: Garland, 1995. REF ML128.L9 C672 1995

Gilmore, George. Guitar music index: a cross-indexed and graded listing of music in print for classical guitar & lute Honolulu: Galliard Press, 1976-1981. REF ML128.G968 G4

The Guitar Review music index: an index of music published in Guitar Review. Guitar Review. REF ML128.G968 G9

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Rezits, Joseph. The Guitarist's Resource Guide: Guitar Music in Print and Books on the Art of Guitar. San Diego: Pallma Music Co., 1983.  REF ML128.G968 R46

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American Harp SocietyInformation about the society, awards, competitions, artist programs, conferences, summer institutes, etc.
Chanterelle VerlagInternational publisher specializing in classical guitar music.
Guitar Foundation of AmericaA good resource for researching information about the guitar on the web. Site includes information about competitions, teachers, guitars and guitar building, etc.
Guitar SoloSan Francisco guitar store which stocks one of the country's largest selections of classical and steel string guitars, classical and acoustic guitar CDs, sheet music, instructional books, and accessories! Located at 1401 Clement St. in the Richmond.
Historical Harp SocietyWeb site of the HHS has information regarding harp conferences and workshops.
Lute Society of AmericaLinks to other lute societies and to the society's own microfilm and publications catalogs.
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